Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 100.

Guys, it's a day for celebration. Today marks day 100.

I'm not really sure if there is any significance to that number, but it's just a typical milestone, i suppose. Statistically, it marks over 3/4 of our trip. 39 days till we come home. 86 days longer than I have ever been out of the country. And it's Friday the 13th.

Last couple weeks have been semi-hectic. By semi, I mean they should have been ridiculously hectic, but my impeccable laziness suppressed them. In all I had 6 papers due. They were probably the worst papers I have ever written. But hey, I figure 1 bad paper in each class out of the whole semester isn't horrible. Rather than working stressfully on turning in great papers, I spent a lot of time relaxing with friends and reading The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and The Bible by, well, a lot of people (I just finished Psalms, I really like Asaph's psalms). And due to the reading/enjoying life, the last couple weeks have been an awesome time of reflection and listening to God's call. I would say that a majority of my life has been me attempting to do what I think God's call on my life should be, not necessarily simply following Christ, as He leads me into God's call. Cool things.

Yesterday included a great evening of Ultimate except for Andy, who was supposed to come with didn't get a ride, and I jacked up my toes hard core (they still hurt a lot). But other than that, I greatly enjoyed getting to play again. Ultimate communities, regardless of where they are, are just such a great example of what a community should be like. Caring, supporting, excited for life. Next weekend (not this one, but next) I am going to Rakai with IMME. Pretty excited for our last trip. Kinda sentimental I suppose. Weird how we have such a short time remaining. Anyway, the following weekend, there is a big ultimate tournament with people from all over East Africa, and us bazungu have a team that's going to play in it. I'm super excited. Today, I'm going on a field trip to see a Martyr's Shrine in Kampala, that'll be interesting.

Welp, this is kind of a short post, but i'm trying to stay present here while my Western mind is reminding me that time is running (which is NOT a concept here). Love you all. Celebrate with us. Soon I will be with you all again.



  1. Reading about your one hundredth day reminded me of elementary school when we would celebrate the 100th day of class (Lord only knows why) but we would have cake and would decorate the room with ones and zeros. That was a nice little blast from the past- haha.
    I hope the toes heal quickly and good luck in Ultimate.

  2. hey no way! that just reminded me of one year (i'm thinking 3rd grade) when we all had to bring 100 of something for show-and-tell on the 100th day. I definitely brought Hot Wheels. :D

    thanks, friend. the toes are doing better, i just jammed them really strangely.